Thursday, October 14, 2010

Some Information about Gestational Diabeties to Pregnant women

Gestational Diabeties is more frequently can be seen in Asian ( Indian) women during pregnancy time. I am here sharing the information what I have received from my Gynae. Usually the GD test asked to take during 24 th and 28 th week of pregnancy, because the pregnancy hormones drastically change during this period. For finding the GD, Gynae will ask to take GTT ( Glucose tolerance test during pregnancy) it will take 3 hrs to get 4 readings of blood sugar levels. Even if it 1 point more than the normal blood sugar level, they will put the pregnant women in Diet. This GD is not going to be last long in your body, it will disappear immediately once the women give birth to baby. But, for some women there is a chance to be stay for some time and for that she needs to do lot of diet and exercises.

Here, My Gynae says normally they can't see this GD in black n white pregnant women because of their eating lifestyle. They are taking more fibre rich foods than starchy food. But, in our Indian women surely they are facing GD during their pregnancy because of our Food Style. Our staple food, White rice and potato are easily convertable to Glucose in our body faster than the Chocolate bar.

When my Gynae came to know am from India, from the initial stage itself he started to explain about this things. Now before my testing, he asked me to take the precautionary steps in my Diet and my exercise to reduce the blood sugar level in my pregnancy.

He also explained, this GD will vanish from the body immediately after the delivery. But, for some women it may stays for short period of time and then it will change to Diabetic and after a short while there is a chance for getting heart problems. So, this Diabeties is closely related to Heart disease, those who are having heart disease also having the chances to get Diabeties.

The diet which we are following for diabeties is also chance to reduce heart disease. Because, for heart disease the main issue in the food intake is cholestrol content this can easily reduce by having the foods for diabeties like Brown bread and brown rice. In India ( south India), our relations use to give sweets and savouries ( palagaaram during 7th month of pregnancy) given to pregnant women during her 7th month of pregnancy. That's maybe good for some women but for some women it may create problem coz of GD. Before, our elders time they use to work a lot during pregnant time but nowadays we don't get a chance to do even a small work. Here, Doctors are recommending to take complete rest not to do heavy work but, they are forcing to go for a brisk walk and do some physical exercise.

The diet for GD pregnant women to have complete fibre rich foods and the most recommending foods are :

1.Whole wheat bread
2.Whole wheat Spaghetti
3.Brown rice
4.Rye Bread
11.Meat/Poultry/ Salmon fish
12.Lot of vegetables (except root veggies/beets)

From the above fibre rich foods esp Barley got high fibre content next to it is Rye Bread.

The diet am following are:

1.2 slices of whole wheat bread with omlet and a glass of skimmed milk without sugar 
2. Oats or cracked wheat or bulgar wheat porridge with buttermilk with less salt
3. 4 idlies with some chutney ( avoid coconut)
4. 3 small whole wheat rotis with some curry.
5. Sometimes bulgar wheat uppuma.
6.Brown rice instead of white rice ( try to mix little bit wild rice)
7.No root veggies
8.Orange, Apple, Pears
11.Lot of veggies like okra, karela and greens.
13.Lot of water.
14.Try to avoid junk foods and carbonated drinks and packed juices.

There are 2 traditional home remedies for this sugar problem. One is with Fenugreek seeds/vendhayam/methi seeds and the other one is Bitter gourd/Karela/Paavakkai.

1.Fenugreek seeds can be eaten in many ways like soaking overnight and in the morning drinking the water gives good result. The soaked seeds can be grind it nicely and apply it for your hair, it's like natural conditioner.
2.And also can have it in this way, dry roast the methi seeds in the low fire pan and make it into coarse powder have it 2 teasppon daily in empty stomach in early morning.
3.Can also have it in raw form, just have 2 teaspoon of methi seeds and chew it nicely and drink lot of water.
4.Methi seeds is not only home remedy for diabeties also useful to reduce the cholestrol and also cool the body during summer time.
5.We are all know, if we have bittergourd juice good result for diabeties.

The pregnant womens, those who are having GD can easily reduce their blood sugar levels just by taking precautionary steps in their diet and exercise. During my first pre-natal visit to the Doctor, he was explaining from that point of time. At that time, I was feeling afraid why he is scaring me by telling all these things without taking any tests but, he said he was not making me to afraid just giving me an awareness and giving an easy ways to prevent the high risk in pregnancy. Hope, these small piece of information about GD in pregnancy helpful for you friends. You can also share some views and points regarding this Information.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Am back to Blogging

I am back to blogging after a long time, actually it was not a short blogging break really a big break but for the quite right reasons. I have spent all these days recovering from my pregnancy Nausiness and Laziness. Now am feeling good with loads of energy. Let me begin with thanking everybody who wrote to me while I was not blogging and keeping me in your blog list. From my next entry am going to post my recipes and some tips related to pregnancy  diets hope that will be helpful for first time mommers. Till then take care of you there.