Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Green Salad with Orange and Chicken n Corn Soup

My Hubby has Presented me the book contains salad recipes on Sunday. While doing shopping, he went inside the book store and he bought something and get one gift wrapped parcel. He gave that to me and said his present for me. I can't wait to open the gift wrap, surprise!!!!  the book about different kinds of Salads. Yesterday, usual weekday work hectic day for me after finished all the works planned to cook easy food for our dinner. I was busy in preparing for "Tamil New year" on wednesday 14th of April 2010. 

Instantly, i go through the salad book to make easy salad for him and i got "Green Salad with red cabbage and grapefruit", but i don't have red cabbage so i substitute carrot for that and Naartjie for Grapefruit. For soup easy to make with chicken, mushroom and corn soup. Here the recipe for salad and soup as follows, 

Green Salad with Carrot and Naartjie


1.Crisp Lettuce - 2 leaves
2.Naartjie - 1
3.English Cucumber - 1/2
4. Cut Carrots like match sticks - 1
5.Nuts as you prefer - i used walnuts
6.Honey - 1 tbsp
7.Salt n Pepper for seasoning.


1. Cut the cucumber and carrots as like in picture and cut the lettuce with ur hands ( don't use knife to cut the lettuce).
2.Peel the naartjie (kamala orange) and cut into segments, while cut into segments you will get a juice of naartjie store that in small cup.
3.Mix the naartjie juice, honey ,salt and pepper.
4.Now arrange the lettuce, carrots , cucumber and naartjie in serving plate. Sprinkle the roughly chopped walnuts and salad dressing ( honey mixture) over the serving plate. 
5.Now the Green Salad with Carrots and cucumber is ready to serve.

Chicken, Mushroom and Sweet corn Soup


1.Chicken Breast - 1 piece ( approx around 50 gms)
2.Frozen Sweet corn - 1/2 cup
3.Mushrooms - 1/3 of punnet
4.Cumin Seeds - 1 tsp
5.Canola Oil - 2 tsp
6.Green chillies - 1 
7.Pepper powder - 2 tsp
8.Salt - 1 tsp


1.Roughly chop the chicken breast and mushrooms into bit sizes. Heat oil in the pressure pan, season the cumin seeds follow with chicken pieces, mushrooms and corn.
2.Saute for 5 mts, then add the green chillies and salt.
3.Pour 2 cups of warm water and pressure cook for 4 whistles.
4.Cool down the mixture and put it in the blender for 3 rounds.
5.Season with pepper powder or if you need bit spicy add finely chopped green chillies on top.
6.This chicken mushroom n corn soup is easy to make and very healthy for all ages.


  1. oh so sweet of him to get it for you and do a gift wrapping too, only few of them do it..your so lucky sathya,but he is the luckiest to have you in his life.... salad looks healthy and so colourful...and sweet corn soup is one of my fav, both of the dishes looks awesome....what is Naartjie which u used in salad???

  2. Hy Sathya,

    The dish looks so droolworthy...cute click dear.

  3. Awww...your hubby is so sweet! He sure deserves a good salad and soup from you....looks very delicious and healthy...mmm. I can see that the more you cook for him, the more cook books you are going to receive :D Thanks for sharing, Sathya. Have a nice day.

  4. Hmm,
    Very thoughtful hubby to get you easy cooking recipes. Lovely! Lovely recipe for the salad and soup!
    You still celebrate Tamil New Year in April? Karunanidhi pre-poned it to January during Pongal time, right?

  5. I love the combo of soup and salad - perfect!

  6. Superb dish da...

    Dai I have an award waiting for u in my blog please do collect it da.

  7. looks colorful and very heathy.

  8. Wish you and family a very happy Tamil New Year. SAALAD LOOKS VERY COLOURFUL. Very heathy too. Kindly post all the recipes of the salad book your husband gavE, SO THAT I can refer to ur blog for all the salad recipes. Happy blogging..

  9. Satya, Salad Looks awesome. An indo version

  10. hey...thanks so much for stopping by and for your wonderful comments..you have a lovely space too...yummy soup and salads !

  11. Congrtas on ur gift sathya, wishing to see many salads in future :). Soup and salad looks great.
    Happy new year...enjoy!!!!

  12. Tamil puthanadu vazhthukkal!

    Salads are good. Yes. Chicken corn soup more so.

  13. Sathya,

    Green salad looks really good. Nice thought of your hubby to give you salad book.

  14. sathya,

    Soup looks delicious too. Forgot to comment on earlier post.

  15. Sathya dear, the soup is one of our favourites...loved the soup and the salad ...U must be very happy getting such a wonderful gift...may u have lots more beautiful gifts from everybody....take care....

  16. what an wholesome meal..I'll be more than happy to have this combo for my dinner..yummm

  17. looks so good and so healthy!

  18. Salad looks yum.

    Sathya here is answer to your question, hope it helps.

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  19. Love both the soup and salad, they look colorful and yummy..Thanks for sharing the recipes :)

  20. Soupum, saladum udane yeduthu saapida solluthu Sathya...pasikuthu even after having my dinner..awesome...

  21. Hey Sathya,
    There are some awards waiting for you at our space. Please stop by to collect them.
    Your green salad and soup looks very yummy.. and mouthwtering.

  22. both salad and soup look delicious! i liked the soup in particular, perfect for the rainy days or any days for that matter :)

  23. sathya..
    The salad and soup looks delicious.very healthy dinner
    so ur husband gifted a salad recipe book thats cool.so u can try new new recipe.
    Salad is very good for health..its good for diet too..Thanks for sharing the nice recipe
    wishing u a very happy new year..
    ellam decorate panniyacha(did all decorations)

  24. Salad with oranges in it sounds so refreshing in summer!

  25. Thanks for all ur beautiful words on my recipe dear.. Looking forward ur valuable words often..

  26. recipe books as gifts...thats really gr8...so sweet of him:)the salad and soup duo look perfect!

  27. Thatz so nice of your hubby....cookbooks are great gifts for foodies like us...both the dishes look super dear...nice pictures too....orey kalakal da :)