Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Baked Poori


1.Wheat flour - 1 cup
2.Salt - to taste
3.Oil - 2 tsp
4.Water to knead


1.Knead the soft dough with all the ingredients for poori.
2.Preheat the oven to 250 deg and grease the baking sheet.
3.Divide the dough into small balls and roll it to mini poori shapes or usual poori shapes and poke the holes with fork all over.
4.Place it in the baking sheet with gap between the pooris. Bake it for 5 to 10 mts , it depends on individual oven watt or it turns crisp.
5.After poori baked well , leave it to cool.
6.Now the baked poori is ready to serve. I enjoyed this baked poori with Ragda pattice.


The baked poori wont be puffy and it can't match with poori masala. So, enjoy the baked poori for chaats.The taste differs from deep fried poori, so just try this with little amount and then try for lot.


  1. Never had baked puri, looks crispy delicous.

  2. all posts are so oil free and healthy.. baking all these is very thoughtful..
    Thanks for sharing Sathya!

  3. Thats a unique idea to use bake puri for chaats...very nice one sathya..

  4. Thanks for all ur comments,,looking forward from you all often.

  5. Hi First time here.like your space! love the baked poori recipe

    cheers and do visit me if you can

  6. Baked poori sounds new to me and very interesting!!!

    Thanks for sharing dear :-)

  7. WOw, thats very creative way to make poori, oh boy..you really think out of the box...I must sure try this, so sick and tired of oily food. Its looks perfect and tempting.

  8. That's a cool idea, Sathya..Thanks for sharing !

  9. Thanks for all ur beautiful words on this recipe, really its very easy n healthy one too. Do try this one n enjoy healthy n happy eating.

  10. Hi sathya,thanks so much for trying it...just checked mail and replied to it...was little busy today so couldnt log in...stuffed rolls looks lovely...liked your version too...so how did it turn out?

  11. Baked pooris sounds truly fantastic..

  12. Sushma,, it came out very tasty n sweet. Sure will post it today.

  13. Baked puri........very innovative!!