Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chicken Fried Rice

Chicken fried rice is my Hubby's fav one, he cooks nicely the Chinese foods Chow mein , Chow faan and rolls. I tried to cook fried rice lot of times like him, but the taste won't comes out nicely like his cooking. He got some magic in his hands, he will put the ingredients just by eye measuring but it comes out very perfect and tasty.This weekend was our long weekend, both of us enjoyed a lot by visiting lot of places and long drives.Yesterday was our resting day, then my Hubby planned to cook Chicken fried rice for me. Immediately nodded my head and just craving for fried rice by my Hubby's cooking. Here is the recipe for you.


1.Cooked Basmathi Rice - 2 cups
2.Finely Chopped Green bell peppers - 1 medium size
3.Green peas - 3 tbsp
4.Eggs - 2
5.Fried onions - 1 tbsp
6.Shredded chicken - 1/2 cup
7.Grated carrots - 4 tbsp
8.Finely Chopped Spring onions - 3 tbsp
9.Soy Sauce - 2 tsp
10.Canola Oil - 2 tbsp
11.Salt - to taste


1.Slice and Cook the 100 gms of chicken breast with ginger garlic paste, salt and chilli powder for 10 mts. Drain out the stock with collander ( don't pour the chicken stock away can use it for chicken soup) and shred the chicken pieces in blender just for 1 round ( use juice mode). Keep it aside.
2.Heat oil in the wok in medium flame and add the chopped bell peppers ,green peas, grated carrot and chopped spring onions. Fry for a while ( veggies should be in crispy not to be fully cooked).
3.In a separate pan scramble the eggs with little bit of  oil and salt, if you try to scramble the eggs with veggies means we can't make it nicely.( the veggies will get mash)
4.Then add the finely scrambled egg with the veggies, now add the shredded chicken, soy sauce and mix it well. ( I like the fried rice in white colour , so my Hubby didn't added much of soy sauce or else he will add bit more).
5.Before adding the rice to the mixture add the fried onions, Salt for rice and then add the cooked Basmathi rice.
6.Mix it gently in medium flame for 5 mts and close the wok with the lid.
7.After 5 mts open the lid you can smell the nice fresh Fried rice with chicken. My hubby made the soup out of the chicken stock.
8.Now the Hot chicken fried rice is ready to serve with Soup. We enjoyed this Simple and Easy Chicken fried rice with chicken soup for our yesterday's dinner.

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  1. looks great...... yummyyyyyy.....thanks for the recipe

  2. Awwww......thanks very much for the award, Sathya! So sweet of you. Really appreciate very much. I love your hubby's fried rice. Looks delicious....full of flavour. He is really so sweet to cook. I have given up hope that my hubby cooks for me....haha. He complains that I don't have patience to teach him....LOL. I just pass him some cookbooks and told him that was how I started off....haha

  3. Love fried rice and this looks so so yumm. Congrats on the award.

  4. Hi sathya, thats really sweet of him to cook for you,..lucky you...fried rice looks awesome,love chinese food anyday and this one surely looks very yum...and congraz on your award and thanks a lot for this gift sathya...

  5. Wow ur hubby's FRied rice looks awesome ...Congrats on ur Award ...Oh no iam little bit late to post the same award to u ...Anyway thanx da for remembering me...

  6. Congo on your award dear!
    easy n delicious!

  7. I love a good chicken fried rice. So simple and yet SO tasty.

    Congrats on your award!

  8. delicious fried rice...yummy yumm!!
    congrats on ur award..

  9. hello Sathya,

    fried rice looks delicious!!! veetu kaar senjaa adhu special-dhaan illayaa? hehehe
    looks perfect dear!!

    concerning that post you asked for ... clicked "publish" before it was done , so removed it off... that's why you are'nt able to see it...

    trying to post something since this morning but it seems to be impossible with the other things I have to do... 24hrs/day seems to be unsufficient for me, heheheh

    have a nice day!!!

  10. Sathya,

    Nice chicken fried rice, Congrats on your award,thanks for sharing the award with me.

  11. chicken fried rice looks so so tempting..what a great dinner..you should have called me over..lol..

  12. Wonderful chinese chicken fried rice, looks great...will finish this plate in no minute:):)

  13. First time here,you have a fab blog with mouthwatering recipes.Following you.Fried rice is my all time fav,wherever i go i will end up ordering for it back home.It's so delectable sathya.

  14. That I agree is delicious chicken fried rice. Compared to the stuff that they serve in the Chinese restaurants home made wins hands down.

  15. Sathya - Thank you so much for the award - appreciate you passing it on to me! Though I don't eat chicken - this fried rice looks great - I'm sure you enjoyed it even more because your husband served it!

  16. lovely chicken fried rice, your husband is surely an excellent cook, just like you.

  17. Been a while since I visited your space...so glad I did...fried rice looks great...

  18. Hi dear,

    I must say that CFR looks extremely yummy! Kudos to ur Hubby..:)

    Thanks for the lovely award ya! Really appreciate ur thoughts! I'm taking it back with me...:D

  19. Hi dear all friends,,thanks for all ur beautiful n valuable comments.I am happy on all of ur words, ur words giving energetic to me.looking forward valuable comments from you all often here

  20. congrats on ur award!! fried rice looks delicious...

  21. Dear Sathya, you have awards waiting at my blog..please do collect them Dear:-)

  22. wow i love this fried rice...looks yummy n delicious...thnx for sahring the award

  23. congrads on your award.. :)..fried rice looks super delicious and im ready to eat now.. :)

  24. First time here..Congrats on your award! Fried rice looks great. Love your recipes.I had been searching for a malai kofta recipe..glad to follow you :)

  25. Lovely and yummy recipe, looks delicious.

  26. Thanks for all your sweet comments on my recipe,,looking forward from you all often in my space.

  27. I am hungry just looking at your fried rice *drool*

  28. Love the chicken fried rice, they look like restaurant served fried rice. Delicious Satya !!