Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sandhagai/Idiyappam/ String Hoppers/Rice noodles


1.Rice flour - 2 cups
2.Salt - to taste
3.Oil - 1 tbsp
4.Sufficient amount of hot water to cook rice flour.


1.Heat the hot water in the pot, add salt and oil.
2.Leave it to boil and then put the fire in medium add the rice flour to the hot water.
3.Immediately stir the rice flour with the spatula, if the water is running out means add little bit of hot water. 4.After the rice flour turns soft and  to right texture, turn off the fire and close the pot with the lid . Leave it to cool.
5.Grease the sandhagai mould with oil and fill the mould with the cooked rice flour mixture. Press it in the Idli plates .
6.Steam the sandhagai for 5 minutes in the idli pot and then put it in the separate dish.
7.Serve hot the sandhagai with sweet coconut milk or can also make lemon and tomato sandhagai. We had Aappam and sandhagai with coconut milk for our today's breakfast.


  1. one of my fav which i used to have for yum...

  2. Soo nice of u!!!! Sushma. My hubby like this recipe very much...

  3. I love idiyappom, especially with kadal curry, that was my favourite combination when i was at home.

  4. I love shavige with coconut milk..

  5. Thanks!!! to Finla n Uma for ur comments,,,

  6. One of my fav breakfasts..Normally we take some non veg dishes that has coconut milk in it, as a side dish for this :-)Yours look so soft and yumm

  7. My fav with Coconut Milk !! Nice click Satya !!They look soft.

  8. What a nice Blog, I was browsing a bit through the SA Blogs on the Foodie Blogroll. Love Indian food, just have too little time to explore it more, but will for sure pop in from time to time, your food is delicious!!!!

  9. Thanks Sashi and Country gourmet for ur's lovely comments,,