Saturday, March 6, 2010

Veggie and Egg Puffs


1.Frozen Puff Pastry sheets
2.Butter for greasing

For Veggie Puffs:

1.Boiled and chopped potato - 1 no
2.Frozen peas - 4 tbsp
3.Finely chopped Carrots - 5 tbsp
4.Finely chopped beetroot - 4 tbsp
5.Finely chopped beans - 4 tbsp
6.Sliced onion - 1/2
7.Chilli powder - 1 tsp
8.Garam Masala - 1 tsp
9.Salt - to taste
10.Oil - 1 tbsp ( i use canola)

For Egg Puffs:

1.Hard boiled egg - 1
2.Sliced onion - 4 tbsp
3.Chilli powder, turmeric powder - a pinch
4.Garam masala - a pinch
5 Salt - a pinch


1.Heat oil in the pan and saute the onions till translucent.
2.Then add the Veggies one by one to saute with chilli powder, garam masala and salt.
3.Saute it for a while and finally add the boiled potato. Close the pan with the lid and put the fire to medium.
4.Take out the veggies in the separate plate to cool. In the same pan make the stuffings for Egg puffs saute the onions with powders and add the Halved egg.
5.Thaw the pastry sheet for 30 mts while preparing the stuffings and put the oven to 400 deg.
6.Now cut the pastry sheets to your desired shapes and apply milk or water at the edges of the pastry to seal it.
7.Fill the veggie stuffings little bit in the middle of the pastry sheet and seal the edges gently.
8.For Egg Puff, do the same like veggie stuffings and seal the edges .
9.Grease the baking sheet with butter and bake the puffs to 15 minutes till you see golden brown.
10.After 15 mts leave the puffs to cool.
11.Enjoy the Veggie and Egg puff for your tea time snack. For yesterdays evening snack we tried this yummy puffs with tomato ketchup.


1.Boil the egg with salt to hard for 20 mts, then only it comes easy to halve it.
2.I like veggie puffs with many veggies so i added different vegetables, you can try with sweet stuffing, Greens, beans, minced chicken or lamb whatever your favourite.
3.If you want shiny puffs , on top apply egg wash .(I didnt apply egg wash for my puffs).


  1. i love egg puffs and its come out so crispy too...loved both the fillings,will try veg next time...lovely click sathya,have a nice weekend...

  2. Hi sathya, do try out sweet version also and let me know...thanks for your sweet comments..

  3. Sushma!!!!!!thanks and happy for ur lovely comments.Sure i will try the sweet version soon and i will pass it to you.

  4. Thanks for sharing this!.. i need to find pastry sheets here..

  5. This "snack" looks delicious.

  6. Thanks for ur comments!!!! Sweeties Uma n Mjose. Uma,, sure u will find pastry sheets in ur departmental or pastry stores in frozen items section.

  7. How i really wish i could grab both the puffs from my screen.

  8. Looks delicious Satya, I miss the one we get from Ayyangars here, should make it sometime.

  9. Finla,,great to hear from you. Sashi,,yes ofcourse m also missing the snacks from Nilgris.

  10. yes same samosa patti sheets sathya,quiet a handy one isnt it...

  11. Thanks Sushma , here spring roll sheet is available sure m gonna try ur version.

  12. A very woman's day to you too sathya...and thats really so sweet of you sathya to try my recipes and feels so nice to get a feedback from you too...have a lovely give me your orkut or facebook id if u have...v can keep in touch there as well

  13. So nice of u,,Sushma.Sure will send u my id and will keep in touch often.Hv a Niz day.

  14. Pretty, pretty. This looks so great.

  15. Love love them...Looks super delicious :-)

  16. Nice to hear the comments from both of u, nostalgia n gulmohar.

  17. Nice to hear the comments from both of u, nostalgia n gulmohar.