Saturday, March 13, 2010

Vanilla Cake with Lite Creme and Peaches


1.Cake flour - 1 1/2 cup
2.Powdered sugar - 1 cup
3.Whole eggs - 2
4.Unsalted Butter - 4 tbsp
5.Baking powder - 1 tsp
6.Salt - a pinch
7.Vanilla essence - 1 tsp

For Topping:

1.Lite Creme - 1 tbsp
2.Peach slices in syrup - 1 slice


1.Preheat the oven to 350 F and grease the baking pan.
2.In one bowl sift the cake flour,baking powder and salt. Mix it well and keep it aside.
3.In another bowl beat the butter well with hand mixer ( butter should be in room temperature), add the powdered sugar little by little in butter and beat it again nicely.
4.The butter and sugar should blend together, now add the eggs one by one beat it nicely for 5 mts.
4.Follow with vanilla essence, now add the dry ingredients little by little into the egg bowl.
5.Mix it nicely till it incorporate with flour. Transfer the cake mixture to the greased pan and bake it for 20 - 25 mts.
6.Check the cake with tooth pick and allow it to cool.
7.Now cut the crust parts and slice the cake into your desired shapes.
8.Top the cake with lite creme and peach slice.
9.This looks delicious and yummy, easy to make at any time.
10.We enjoyed this yummy dessert after our yesterday's dinner.


Me n my Hubby don't like heavy cream icing, everytime we try the cake with jam or with lite creme. Sometimes with custard milk, it tastes delicious. Here, i used non-diary lite creme it's good for the health with low fat.You can also enjoy the cake soak with maple syrup, that tastes good.


  1. wow looks so tempting sathya esp the icing on top...just superb...

  2. Thank you my dear sweet Hubby for ur sweet comments,,,hope u enjoyed by tasting it.

  3. Sushma,,thanks for ur compliments,,,

  4. lovely.. hope even i start baking now..

  5. Uhhhh...I'm drooling over! Perfect! ;)

  6. Hey Sathya, this looks so delicious..nice clicks Dear..

  7. Cake looks yummy!!!!
    Like to have some :-)

  8. Such a gorgeous and soft vanilla cake Sathya, send me some slices dear..:)

  9. Happy to see all ur sweet comments, Uma, Love2cook,Aruna n Kothiyavanu. Looking forward from u all often.