Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dinner Rolls


1.Active  Yeast - 1 package
2.Cake flour and Wheat flour - 3 cups ( 1.5 : 1.5)
3.Warm milk - 1 cup
4.Sugar - 1/2 cup ( i used brown sugar)
5.Salt - 1 tsp
6.Butter - 1 tbsp
7.Canola or vegetable oil - 4 tbsp


1.Dissolve the yeast in the warm milk with 1 tbsp of sugar. Keep it aside in a warm place till it rise for 10 mts. 2.Meanwhile in another deep bowl  sift the flour with remaining sugar,salt , butter and oil. Rub the flour with butter and oil till it turns crumbs.
3.After yeast turns foamy add it to the flour bowl. Mix it well if it is sticky rub the hands with flour and try to blend together nicely.( running out of milk means add little bit of warm water)
4.Make into soft dough and transfer into floured surface try to knead it well again. Transfer this soft to greased bowl and apply oil on top of the dough.
5.Cover the bowl with wrapping sheet and let it rise to doubled for 45 mts.
6.Knead the dough again in the floured surface and cover it in greased bowl to rise for about 1 hr.
7.Punch down the dough again after 1 hr or doubled the size and make small balls or your desired shapes in the greased baking sheet.
8.Cover the sheet and leave it to rise for 25 mts in warm place.
9.Bake the rolls in 350 deg for 20 mts or till light golden brown on top.
10.After Baking transfer the rolls to wire rack to cool.
11.Tasty Dinner Rolls are ready for the fabulous Dinner. We enjoyed the Dinner rolls with Black Currant Jam.


  1. wow dinner rolls look perfect sathya, i have never baked a bread or a roll till now...home made one is the really the best...perfectly baked rolls...Glad u liked the filling of dil so happy that u tried it...

  2. Sushma, yes homemade dinner rolls is good and it tasted great.I am happy to try ur recipe and we enjoyed the dil pasand dinner roll Sushma.