Monday, June 9, 2008

Bay Leaf

Bay leaf is one of the oldest herbs or spice. It is native of Asia Minor and is known by the name of 'Sweet bay', 'bay laurel', 'Noble laurel' and 'True laurel'. These leaves have aromatic odor and are bitter and spicy.
Bay Leaves or Laurel Leaves are evergreen shrub or dried leaves whose upper surface is glabrous , shiny, olive green, and lower surface is dull olive to brown. The leaf size ranges from from 2.5 to 7.5 cms in length and 1.6 to 2.5 cms in breadth. The shape of the leaf is elliptical.
Indian Name: Tej PattaBotanical Name: Laurus nobilis LFamily Name: LauraceaeParts Used: LeafHabitat: India and Mediterranean region
Bay leaf is native to Asia Minor from where it reached to Mediterranean . Bay leaf is not grown in the northern regions as they are susceptible to cold climate. They are grown all over in the Mediterranean. Region whereas Turkey is one of the main exporters. These leaves are also grown in the regions of France, Belgium, Central and North America, Turkey, Italy, Russia Israel and India.

Bay leaves are used for preparing sauces, soups, daubes and stews . They are also used for flavoring and seasoning for fish, meat and poultry. They are commonly used for preparing pickles. Bay leaf is often included as a pickling spice.

Medicinal Use:
Used as an insecticides to keep moths away Treats physical problems like: High blood sugar Migraine Headaches Bacterial and fungal infections Gastric ulcers.
Bayleaf essential oil is also used to relieve muscular soreness and enhance blood circulation. It is also used to prevent hair loss.

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