Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Idly ( இட்லி )

Ingredients:1.Boiled Rice (Idli rice) - 2 cups
2.Urad dhal - 1 cup
3.Methi seeds(fenugreek) - 1 tsp
4.Cooked rice - 1/2 cup
5.Salt - as reqd

1.Soak the Idli rice in water for about 4 - 5 hours.
2.Soak the urud dhal and methi seeds together for about 3 hours.
3.Drain the water from urud dal and grind it nicely to the soft in the grinder with little water.
4.Keep aside this urud mixture and grind the idli rice with cooked rice.
5.Now mix well the grinded urud and rice mixture with salt and little water.
6.Keep this idli batter mixture to ferment for the overnight.
7.Next day make nice fluffy idlis in the idli cooker.
8.Serve the hot idlies with chutney ,sambar and medhu vadai.

[Note:By using the methi seeds,it will give the fluffy idlies.
My mom often use to cook the methi idlies.It is good for the health an reduces the heat fron our body.]

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