Thursday, February 25, 2010

Baked Potato


1.Potatoes - 2

2.Salt - to taste

3.Canola Oil - for rolling potatoes

4.Aluminium Foil - wrapping the potato

5.Baked beans - 1 can

6.Mayonaise with chopped onions.


1. Choose the right potatoes for baking, it should be brown in colour or you can buy the baking potatoes. Avoid the sprouted,green colour potatoes.

2.Scrub the potatoes in cold water, because we are gonna have with the skin.

3.Poke your potatoes with the help of Fork on all sides. It will help to cook potatoes quickly and also it will avoid explode while baking.

4.Meanwhile, preheat the oven for 350 deg, then Sprinkle the salt all over sides of potatoes.

5.After this roll the potatoes in canola oil , should be shiny not dripping wet.

6.Then roll the potatoes seperately with foil sheet. If you want soft potatoes means use foil, or else you like to have crispy potatoes then bake directly on the grill inside oven.

7.Bake these for 60 minutes, in the middle turn the potatoes. I used foil sheet for baking.

8.After 60 minutes take out the potatoes , cut like cross .

9.Now don"t overload the toppings , i used baked beans with tomato sauce 2 tbsp and mayonnaise with chopped onions just on the top.

10.Enjoy your baked potatoes with Garlic Bread and Soup.

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