Thursday, February 25, 2010

Malaysian Roti Canai


1.All Purpose flour(Cake Flour or maida)- 2 cups

2.Ghee and oil - 1/2 cup (together)

3.Water - as needed

4.Salt - for taste

Method 1- For Dough:

1.Sift the flour and salt in a large bowl.

2.Make a hole in the centre of the flour mixture and pour the ghee and oil.

3.Rub the flour and ghee mixture nicely till you get the granules texture.

4.Add enough water to make the dough, knead it gradually.

5.Apply the oil on the dough and put it back in the same bowl for 3 hrs to get pliable dough.

Method 2 : For Rolling

1.After the dough get stretched, make it into small balls.

2.Use your Kitchen counter for rolling it is very comfortable than the rolling board.

3.Grease it well the counter and now try to roll the dough ball as much as you can do.

4.Roll like a thin paper in square shape.

5.Now, use ur hands to fold the sheets.

6.Fold the one end of the dough to the centre part of it and repeat the same for the other end.

7.Now you got like pancake shape, again fold the bottom end of the dough to the centre part and repeat the same for the top end.

8.Now you got like folded hanky shape.

9.Try to press the dough with your hands on the ends and try to stretch it.

10.Heat the skillet and grease it well with the ghee and oil mixture.

11.Put the roti canai till it turns golden brown.

12.Apply ghee and oil on both sides, then only you will get crispy Roti's.

13.Serve hot with Malaysian Chicken Curry. But, We tried with chana masala in Malay Style.


1.This Roti canai is same like our Parotta , but we dont need to add egg in it.

2.Malay food is the fusion of Indian style of Cooking, all the Curries with Coconut milk.


  1. i love this recipe and congratulations for your nice blog !! cheers from a french foodie Pierre

  2. Hai Pierre,

    thanks for ur compliments,Pierre.Ur words really encouraging me.

  3. howmuch ever i try i never get a perfect square paratha, yours have come out so perfect and nice...

  4. Hai!!!!!!!Sushma,,,thanks for ur compliments. It's easy try to fold like our handky and pat the edges with your fingers.