Thursday, February 25, 2010



1.Rice Flour - 2 cups

2.Coconut Pieces - 1/2 cup

3.Salt - for taste

4.Oil - 2 tsp

5.Coconut milk - 5 tbsp (optional)

6.Water to boil 2 cups of rice flour.


1.Cut the coconut into small bits.

2.Heat water ,salt and oil in the pot. Leave it to boil.

3. Now add the coconut pieces and coconut milk into the boiling water. The coconut milk gives nice flavour to the recipe.

4.Then Put the fire to simmer and add the rice flour gently . Immediately starts to stir it well, if the dough is out of water means add little bit of hot water.

5.Stir it well till the lumps turn off. Leave the mixture to cool till to bearable to hold.

6.Make it into small balls , if it is sticky apply oil and then try to make the balls.

7.Steam the balls in the idli cooker for 10 minutes.

8.Leave it to cool the Rice balls and then serve it with chutney or with sambar. We tried this with aloo matar.

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