Friday, February 26, 2010

Romantic Candle light dinner

Well, here am sharing the  Romantic Candle Light Dinner Ideas for you. When you feel bore on your daily schedules and not able to spend the time like the way you would  have in your mind with your spouse. A routine life will get tiresome at one point of time, so try to enhance the lifestyle with different innovative ideas to cherish you and your spouse to make it in lovable way.Going for Candle light dinner to restaurant may not affordable at all the times, then why not you have the plan for setting the candle light dinner at your home itself with more comfortable ambience than the restaurants.If you start to do the elegant candle light dinner at your home means you will start to feel the elegant romantic lifestyle changes in your life.Here am giving you the ideas of my candle light dinner experience and also common tips for working and couples having kids.

Ideas and tips for Romantic Candle light Dinner:

1.First decide the convenient date for candle light dinner, preferebly on weekends without any commitments.

2.After deciding the convenient day for both of you, now make a plan about the menus,ambience,music on the candle light dinner day well plan before one week the day.

3.Initially, me and my hubby use to go dining out for candle light dinner once in a month. But, now last 5 months i planned to do it at our home itself. We felt more comfortable at our home with what we are having and enjoying the nice dinner.We can also create the nice ambience and recipes  like in restaurant at our home itself with affordable prices.

4.I use to plan the date and menus week before the day. Ask my hubby to not make commitments on the day.Then only i can make weekend shopping according to my menu plans. Discuss with your hubby and plan your menu according to both of your favourite recipes.

5.Dont ever try the new recipes on that day, try to prepare all the foods well before in the afternoon itself.

6.If you are having kids , then first give food to your kids and make them to sleep or put them favourite DVD'S at their room. Make them to satisfy first.

7.First clean your house to look nicely especially your candle light dinner place. Our dining table is near to my kitchen, so i use to clean my kitchen boards everything. Spray the room with your favourite air freshners.

8.Now set the dining table with light linens, scented candles with stand , nice napkins , serving bowls, plates and dishes and drinks.

9.Before your dinner, light up the candle and switch off your TV and put your mobile in silent mode.Create dimmed lighting for the room where you will be dining.

10.Plan the 3 or 4 course menu according to your wish.

11.We prefer 3 course menu sometimes 4 course menu  like  Simple appetizer, Soup , main course and Dessert.

12.Both of us will dress up with our simple comfortable outfits and My hubby put nice music in our laptop.

13.It's the time to share each other about your joyous happenings about your life.So, dont think about others and other issues.

14.Enjoy Your Romantic Candle light dinner with light music in the dimmed light with lots of love with your spouse.


  1. This romantic dinner sounds so wonderful I might try it when there is only me around!

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