Thursday, February 25, 2010



1.Basmathi Rice - 2 cups

2.Tinned Coconut milk - 400 ml

3.sliced Ginger - 1 inch

4.Garlic pods - 5 no's

5.Green chillies - 3 no's

6.Salt - to taste

7.Sliced onions - 1 no

8.Water - for rice.

For Seasoning:

1.Canola oil - 3 tbsp

2.Whole Spices - ( Cinnamon stick - 1", cloves - 3,cardamom pods - 3,bay leaves - 3)

3.Mint leaves - 4 strings

4.Curry leaves - few

5.Coriander leaves - few


1.Heat oil in the pressure cooker, season the items under for seasoning.

2.Now add the sliced onions,garlic pods and garlic, saute it well till the onions turn translucent and the smell of ginger goes off. No need the onion to turn golden brown.

3.Now add the green chillies and toss it nicely.

4.Add the salt to taste for the rice.

5.After the onions turns glassy, add the basmathi rice into the cooker. Just turn it for 2 minutes till the oil sticks to the rice.

6.Finally add the coconut milk into the cooker, let it boil for 5 minutes.Water for the rice is 1:1, but check the water because of coconut milk we added into the rice.

7.Close the pressure cooker lid and turn the fire to medium, put it for dum without any whistles for 20 minutes.

8.After 20 minutes try to open the lid and check the rice. Turn the rice gently with the fork.

9.Don't try to turn immediately while hot, chances to break . Wait for 10 minutes and then try to shift the pilaf to serving bowl.

10.Enjoy the Coconut milk Pilaf with potato and peas kuruma or with chicken kuruma.


1.For basmathi rice the water ratio is 1:1. but we adding the coconut milk in this pilaf , so try to check the water measurement.

2.Dont use ginger and garlic paste, try to use the sliced one then only you will get the nice aroma of the ginger n garlic in the pilaf.

3.I am using an electric stove, so i use to cook in 5 till the last stage before closing the pressure cooker lid, then i put the level to 2 keep it for dum.

4.You can change according to your method of stove.

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